MENU Harbour

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Conceived during the design process for MENU’s new creative destination?Menu Space located in Copenhagen’s thriving Nordhavn (Northern?Harbour) area, the Harbour Chair is the result of fulfilling a variety of?needs (among others) comfortable versatility.

Designed specifically for?Menu Space, the dining chair is ideal for anything from restaurants,?conferences, offices, or in the comfort of one’s own home.?A hybrid space that mixes office, showroom, café, co-working and event?space in One, Menu Space required a chair that could suit a range of?purposes. Finding a perfect balance between geometry and organic?shapes, the shell’s armrests bend outwards for maximum support, as does?its high backrest, providing not only comfort, but also an elegant and slim?appearance that will appeal to any discerning design aficionado.

Designed by Norm Architects

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