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Introducing the New RBM Noor

RBM officially unveiled the new fully upholstered version of their timeless classic canteen and conference chair collection: RBM Noor F, at this year’s Designers Saturday Oslo held last September 8-10, at the Oslo City parking garage in Oslo, Norway.? The Noor F is available to order as of next week, in a variety of high-quality, environmentally-friendly fabrics in fresh colours.?The?colours, softness and comfort open up to even more applications and environments. RBM Noor F will also be available with tubular four leg, sledgebase and footbase,?the wooden leg or the medium-high bar options.? During the 3-day event, FLOKK also showcased their wider range of of fabric options with Kvadrat's Steelcut Trio 3 making its first appearance in combination with the RBM...

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Meet the sleek new, IOT-ready S60 table family

A table that covers all the basic work needs without compromising design, aesthetics and ergonomics? B8 gives it all to you with the new S60 Work Desk Series.? Conceptualised by Danish designer Mads Odg?rd, the new S60’s tabletop is made with Valchormat,? a wood product which is up to 30% stronger than regular MDF wherein a 12mm thick tabletop can resist the same amount of pressure a 22mm MDF could and thus making the S60 weigh more than 20kg lighter than other desks. The table’s framing is also much thinner and its height-adjustment is driven by built-in actuators from Linak which features an unobtrusive design without a motor housing, blending perfectly into the S60’s desk portfolio.? Cabling, on the other...

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Go Ergo!

Ergonomics is not just a word to represent fancy chairs, height-adjustable desks and monitor arms. ?It is actually a key aspect that businesses need to look at when dealing with their own health and welfare as well as that of their staff. The term ergonomics is derived from the Greek word ergon meaning work and nomoi meaning natural laws. It is the study of the design and arrangement of things people use for their work so that the people and things interact most efficiently and safely. Uhuh, there’s a science for that. In the past years, ergonomists, chiropractors and physical therapists alike have done studies, published a lot of books and written many articles emphasising on the importance of good...

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Scandinavian Business Seating is now Flokk

? Scandinavian Business Seating has changed its name to Flokk as it keeps growing its portfolio.?With Flokk's?recent expansions, they?are now able to provide the market with even more exciting workspace solutions.?By uniting the?branding and communication efforts Flokk?can accommodate more of end-users needs when it comes to providing furniture for any working environment. Flokk will have?a larger and stronger presence on- and offline than what Scandinavian Business Seating has had in the past.Flokk is a Norwegian word for herd or flock. The name is inspired by Flokk's strong brands, and their?philosophy of being part of something greater than oneself. Flokk's?designs enable well-being and performance, and are a natural part of any workplace or social situation where people gather. Jump on the...

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Framery expands, builds a logistic center and factory in the US

Framery, a pioneer in soundproof phone booths and meeting pods for open-plan offices, is expanding in the US. Preparations for a dedicated US logistics center and an assembly factory are underway. The expansion is supporting the strong growth Framery is experiencing globally. ? ? Products Framery O phonebooth is a perfect solution to have your discussions in privacy without disturbing your colleagues. For noisy environments, it is also a great place to sink in to deep concentration in peace and quiet. Framery Q meeting pod allows people to have 2-4 person meetings, brainstorming sessions and important one-on-one conversations in private without disturbing the whole office. Framery’s products are manufactured in Finland. All materials and designs are carefully selected to a...

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